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Carpal Tunnel Pain

Carpal Tunnel Pain Almost Ended My Career, by Dr. Cathy Lomartra

woman with wrist painI love and live all things holistic health which is why I chose to be a Chiropractor. I’ve been in active practice since 1989.

Gradually yet suddenly, I developed disabling pain known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my dominant hand. Everything I knew, for the first time, did not help me. Not even a break from adjusting patients. As soon as I returned, my wrist and hand flared up even more than before. Pain was also developing in my forearm, arm and shoulder. The result of many years of repetitive stresses on my hands and upper body that it takes to do my job.

It was so bad I was waking up in pain throughout the night. I couldn’t turn the key in the deadbolt lock. Even using my phone became painful. I found myself using my opposite hand. Not good! And it didn’t solve the problem.

For the first time ever I began to wonder if I could continue to practice. Drugs, injections, painful exercises and surgery were not an option for me. Over the counter meds are hard on the liver and kidneys. Opioids are scary when addiction is so easy. Injections are often painful and not helpful. And there is too much downtime with surgery. I knew there had to be a better way.

Luckily, I came upon Cold Laser (also called Low Level Light Therapy) for Carpal Tunnel. Each of my treatments took all of 72 seconds. Within four weeks I became pain free and fully functional. Nothing short of miraculous. Cold Laser actually heals the inflamed tissue.

All Cold Lasers are not created equal. I’ve done a ton of research and the system I use gained FDA approval because of the effectiveness for Carpal Tunnel. A Class 3b Laser and completely safe. The manufacturer has given all the tested protocols for the best results.

Even the National Institutes of Health has given Cold Laser a positive endorsement after reviewing 4000 studies on effectiveness for musculoskeletal pain.

So, Cold Laser isn’t just for Carpal Tunnel but for muscle and joint problems like osteoarthritis, Plantar Fascitis, Shoulder pain, Elbow Pain, Knee Pain, Neck, midback and low back pain, ankle pain.

I’m fourth generation in Branford and will not keep this miraculous treatment to myself. My condition almost cost me my career. What is it costing you? We have care programs in place to make it affordable for most everyone. Insurance companies do not cover this service. Contact me for a consultation at my office to inquire whether this treatment could be for you!


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