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Scars And Their Hidden Secrets

woman relaxing on couchScars and traumas can cause lots of health problems in people.

And we’re not paying the necessary attention to them.

Negative influences start early with childhood falls, broken bones, stitches and surgeries which alter our bodies forever.

Research proves scars cause long term disease and chronic pain.

What are Scars?

A permanent mark or disfigurement to the body due to trauma or surgery. The injured skin tissue produces an inflammatory response within the nervous system.

Scars injure the fascia which is a 3 d structure of dense connective tissue that wraps like Velcro around every bone, muscle, blood vessel, and nerve in the body. It is also the largest system in the body. And during surgery, fascial layers are injured with cutting, creating abnormal strain patterns that squeeze and pull the body out of proper alignment resulting in body wide chronic pain and dysfunction.

Scars can also form adhesions which are internal strands of fibrin tissue that form in response to surgery abnormally connecting organs and causing constrictions, which inhibits the normal functioning of the body leading to pain.

Adhesions could also cause digestive, immune and reproductive problems which are known pain activators restricting kinetic movement and muscle performance throughout the body.

Why do scars cause so many problems?

The highly innervated skin reacts negatively when injured changing its natural polarity during the scar formation. The skin is negatively polarized by nature and when an injury occurs, positive electrical charges start polarizing the wounded area. These reverse poled tissues send out cellular miscommunications through the sympathetic nervous system altering it permanently. Providing prolonged 24/7 irritation to the sympathetic nervous system causing prolonged stress which is very bad for our bodies as it tightens our muscles, reduces blood flow and lymph flow and shuts down our parasympathetic healing system.

As we accumulate scars throughout life, this stress slowly builds up creating havoc within our bodies causing not only pain but many other health problems as well. For example, scars inhibit the circulation of blood throughout the body leading to blood stagnation in the legs and feet as we often see in diabetic neuropathy patients.

Scars also impede the functioning of the lymphatic system by severing lymphatic connections and restricting the upward movement of lymph fluid essential to our survival and health.

Any combination of fascia injuries and adhesion formation increase stress or block circulatory lymph flow can make scars a primary cause of chronic pain and dysfunction throughout our bodies. This syndrome is called chronic post-surgical pain or CPSP.

And a recent study in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet reported up to 1/3 of patients undergoing surgery still suffer from chronic pain one year after the procedure.

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Neuropathic Pain
This is an incredible admission from one of the world’s top medical journals. The study does on listing the top six pain producing scars:

  • Breast
  • Cardiac
  • Appendix
  • C-section
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Amputation

Five of the 6 are in the torso. Combining the 6 together over 3 million surgeries annually in the US producing between 300,000 and 1 1/2 million chronic pain patients each year. With 48 million surgeries and 25 million operations for trauma totals up to 73 million surgeries in the US potentially producing 10s of millions of chronic pain patients each year.

  • Showing that scars are clear and significant contributors to our chronic pain crisis.
  • However, the really big secret is that scar induced pain is not limited to the surgical site.

And now, science, admits scars may contribute to millions of people suffering from body wide chronic pains. Multiple peer reviewed studies now report that up to 80% of chronic post-surgical pain created by scars are also distant from the surgical site with a key surgical scar sites for inducing pain located in the abdomen knees and spine.

The truth is that the treatment of surgical and trauma scars still remains challenging for physicians and therapists today.

Many options are available to post-op scar management such as cortisol injections, silicone sheets, oils, lotions, massages, and even more surgery. Unfortunately, the results of these options are disappointing to both patients and surgeons.

But now there’s a solution for those who suffer in silence.

Scar release therapy is an innovative breakthrough for reducing ill affects scars have on the body. Applying professional Dolphin devices bilaterally to scars noninvasively injects cellular changing microcurrent deep into fibrous tissues physically repolarizing scars to reduce their size and negative influences on the body producing a softer and smaller scar with increased pliability.

And its’ influence is scientifically measurable. Clinical trials at the Bard Diagnostic Center in NY revealed the application of Dolphin Scar Release Therapy (SRT) to scars produced a 24% reduction in scar size after just one treatment.


In addition to this the Journal of Alternative, Complementary and Integrative Medicine reported that Dolphin SRT produced a 75% reduction in post-surgical pain.

The Journal of Integrated and Complementary Medicine also reported an 82% relief of neck, back and shoulder pain after applying Dolphin SRT in C Sections.

This means that science now supports the application of Dolphin Scar Release Therapy on patients who suffer from body wide chronic pains allowing them to recover and enjoy a healthier more vibrant and pain free life.

And now that you know the secrets, there is a solution.

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